A historical novel set in 1934 on a Michigan farm. Narrated by seven-year-old Nellie and her two older sisters, it is a story of hardship, crime, fantasy, and love. Each girl has her own distinctive voice and interpretation of events starting when Nellie discovers the tiny, blue-black hand of a dead baby. The story follows the sisters as they encounter a patchwork of threatening circumstances and take it upon themselves to solve the mystery.

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I DREAM IN WHITE: A Midwinter Romance


Dreams play an important role in Holly Hayworth’s life. A broken engagement has left her ready to create a new life for herself, including many romantic interludes. But will the handsome stranger who turns up in unusual places become the man of her dreams? Will Holly’s friend Megan have the answers in her pagan rituals and I Ching readings? And will the deranged psychopath who lurks in the background destroy Holly and all that she has come to love? This book will carry you away with the division between fantasy and reality, dreams and nightmares. 


How to Win at UPWORDS


You can win at Upwords.  A  player can play a competitive game even when holding the Q, X, and Z. . While luck is definitely inherent in the game, a player can employ particular strategies to maximize the point count. This book contains advice for both the board game and electronic app, as well as tips for the beginning, mid, and endgame. In addition, there is a section on the creation and evolution of UPWORDS® and the idiosyncrasies that surround this creative and challenging game. 


Win Win Negotiations for Couples


Demonstrating that the "win-win" principle can be applied to personal relationships,  this book provides a practical approach to decision-making frequently encountered by couples.  It covers areas such as handling finances, careers, children, vacations, sex, and household chores.  The goal is that both partners figure out what works best for them.